motorized hang gliding

Traditional Hang Gliding vs. Motorized Hang Gliding

If you are looking into a hang gliding adventure, you may be asking yourself which is the better way to go, with non-motorized hang gliding or motorized hang gliding?

Each option has their benefits as well as their disadvantages. It is really up to you and your preferences. In order to help you decide, read the information below to help show the differences between non-motorized hang gliding and motorized hang gliding.motorized hang gliding

No matter which glider you decide to use you will see some breathtaking sites, and have the complete freedom of flying high above the land. Now, let us look at the pros and cons to each type of glider.

Traditional Hang Gliding

If you chose to fly with a non-motorized glider you will have a much quieter ride which will help you maintain a more in touch trip with nature and you might have a better chance of seeing wild animals because the sounds from the glider won’t spook them. When you fly with a non-motorized glider you will not be able to fly as long and since the actual glider needs a “running start” to get off the ground you will have to take off from a slope to begin with.

If you’ve seen movies or videos where a pilot grabs the bar and runs down a giant hill with the hang glider, taking off right at the last minute and soaring about the ground. When you use a non-motorized glider that is pretty much the correct starting scene, since there is no engine the pilot will need to get a running start down a slope in order for the glider to take off.

Motorized Hang Gliding

Now, let’s take a look at the motorized hang gliding, these tend to give you more freedom to fly since you are powered by a motor and not just the air currents. It has also been said that motorized hang gliding is a safer option. The pilot starts the engine of the powered unit just like any other motorized vehicle, there are no slopes or running needed.

A pilot can take off from just about anywhere that is flat. The only down side that this option has other than the risk of running out of fuel should you not pay attention is that it is a noisier trip. If that should happen, an experienced pilot can easily land the motorized hang glider with their skill set. The speed in motorized hang gliding is understandably faster and you can put yourself in a position to soar much higher than the traditional gilder.  You may not be able to be as in tune to nature as you would in the non-motorized unit simply because of the noise from the engine.

No matter which option you choose though you will be enjoying the majestic sights from high above as you soar over like a bird, carefree and light as a feather. Enjoy the freedom and make unique memories that will last a lifetime and then some!

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