Best Thing to do on Cumberland Island

best thing to do on cumberland island georgia

The best thing to do on Cumberland Island is to experience an aerial flight over the natural landscapes with Florida Adventure Sports. Some of the places on this island that have been untouched by human hands for over 350 years. While you might not ever see these spectacular places otherwise when you fly with our 60 minute package. Once in the air with our qualified instructor, you can bask in the absolute untouched beauty that these quiet and serene places offer. fun things to do on cumberland island georgiaMore reason why we feel that we are the one of the most funnest things to do on as we overpass the island.

Cumberland Island is also known as the Sea Islands and is the southernmost part of the barrier islands which extend the length of Georgia. Cumberland Island is actually composed of the Great and Little Cumberland Islands. In the early 1880’s Thomas Morrison Carnegie and his lovely wife Lucy came to the island to establish the family’s presence.

Don’t forget you will also have the opportunity to fly over not only the Cumberland Island but also the Dungeness Mansion, built in 1736 by James Oglethorpe, originally meant to be a hunting lodge. In the 1880’s when Thomas Carnegie came to the Island he built a mansion here, best thing to do on cumberland island georgiabut since they left the mansion it has sense caught fire, however, as you fly over, you will surely recognize the remains that are still there today.

You can also see Plum Orchard, an estate located in the middle of the western shore of Cumberland Island. You better keep your eyes open for all the magnificent sites and majestic wild animals that are just going about their normal routine, unaware you are observing them from above. These beautiful sites can all be seen on the various packages offered by Florida Adventure Sports. This is a fun experience you will never forget if you’re looking for what to do when visiting!

Best Thing to do on Cumberland Island

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