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florida extreme sports

We invite you to participate in our Florida extreme sports. Let this page be your guide with the many already happy flyers who have taken part in our aerial adventures. Take a look at some of these pictures the views are truly breathtaking. To be above the ground and see things from a bird’s eye point of view is something you won’t soon forget. You will certainly get a thrilling and exhilarating ride when you florida extreme sportsfly with Florida Adventure Sports.

Watch the waves breaking over the beaches from up in the sky, then soar over the land and watch the cars pass by, the wind blowing the grass and take in all the beautiful colors down below you. Just view to what other flyers have experienced airborne including the stunning views. Our Florida extreme sports service gives you the option to fly over so many beautiful places, take in the sites in a unique view point this time; for starters you can enjoy gliding over Amelia Island and bask in its beauty.

Perhaps take a trip and fly across the Florida/Georgia border, we guarantee that you will never see a border crossing as lovely as this before. When you go above the ground and look down you will not believe the outlook you have, since we always get to see the world from the ground point view we can’t really comprehend how beautiful and thrilling it can be to view that same world from above it.

Take a look at some of the videos below and see firsthand what you will have the opportunity to experience when you book your hang gliding adventure with our Florida extreme sports service.

Florida Extreme Sports Media Gallery

Our images and videos from past adventures will excite any thrill seekers out there!



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