Florida Aerial Adventures

florida aerial adventures

After seeing how spectacular our Florida aerial adventures can be, we invite you to book your aerial experience with us. You might question yourself, what sites will you fly over and for how long? Do you want your flight lessons to be over Amelia Island, Jacksonville or how about Cumberland Island in Georgia? It’s such a hard decision to make. All those locations look spectacular, you can only imagine how breathtaking they will be while hang gliding over them. So, where will your Florida aerial adventures take you this time?florida aerial adventures fun

Attention all Florida fun seekers. Get ready to take in all the stunning beauty of the beaches, the wondrous ocean views, and the breathtaking border between Florida and Georgia. No matter what your choice you will have an epic experience that will remain with you for the remainder of your life, and that we can be sure of.

The hardest choice besides where you want to fly over is probably how long you want to be in the air with our Florida aerial adventures service. Florida Adventure Sports offers 20 minute, 40 minute or 60 minute flying times, depending on your preference. No matter what length of time you decide upon you can be sure you will enjoy every single minute of it. Imagine being high above the ground, flying freely in the trike with your experienced pilot flying you over the most beautiful sites around.

With rates so affordable you can experience a Florida aerial adventures package now then we invite you back and explore more of the wondrous scenes at a later point. Give your bucket list an update and see the sites from the best view possible…the sky view.


Chose from several options from the safe flight lessons we provide below.

20 minute flight florida adventure sports
40 minute flight florida adventure sports

Florida Aerial Adventures

If you’re looking for a Florida fun seekers total experience, watch our thrilling video!

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