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Top 10 Best Adventure Sports

Whether you are an avid adrenaline junkie or just looking for a way to bring a bit of excitement and thrill into your life, these top 10 adventure sports are sure to provide you a means to fill your need.

10) Hiking – The good thing about this adventure sport is you can decide how challenging you want to make it. Are you a beginner who would do better with a semi flat easy terrain that is only about 2 miles in length or are you an experienced hiker who craves challenging terrain and longer miles? You can enjoy nature, work your body and explore at your own adventure sports adventure sports hiking

9) Kayaking – If you love the water taking a kayaking trip might be right up your alley. This sport is sure to give you an intense upper body workout. You can rent kayaks at beaches or other areas that are close to rivers or oceans. For a real good time, stop by our friends at Kayak 10 best adventure sports adventure sports kayaking

8) Dirt Bikes – Do you love riding on two wheels? Whether those wheels are pedal powered or gas powered you get a thrill from gliding over the ground. Dirt biking requires good upper-body strength and is sure to help you get a good workout as you steer your heavy bike around the dirt course. Just don’t try any 360s if you are a novice, take some time and learn the bike, learn your skills, and learn in general.adventure-sports-dirt-bike

7) Bungee Jumping – Whether you are jumping from a bridge over land or from a platform perched over the ocean you are sure to get a rush as you fall down towards the ground only to spring back up. Bungee jumping is unlike any other sport out there and will leave you hooked and counting down until your next 10 best adventure sports adventure sports bungee jumping

6) Surfing – Grab that board and run down to the surf to catch the next big wave. This sport will be a bit easier for those who have practice skateboarding but in truth anyone can try this or learn how to surf. If you enjoy the ocean and adventure sports this particular sport would be a wonderful sport to adventure sports adventure sports surfing

5) Scuba Diving – There isn’t many other sports that will get you up close with marine life in a weightless and freeing atmosphere. Experience the marine life in their nature environment and see the beauty that lies under the ocean waves as you gracefully glide through the water. Most places do require a bit of training before sending you out on your own so double check before signing adventure sports adventure sports scuba diving

4) Rock Climbing – You might have seen rock walls and climbing walls at your local gym but actually climbing a real rock wall is so much more thrilling and fun. If you love the outdoors and climbing and are looking for an amazing workout give rock climbing a try. Be sure to learn about the safety parts of this adventure sport so you can enjoy the adventure while being 10 best adventure sports adventure sports rock climbing

3) Mountain Biking – Jump on the bike and start to pedal and see where the road (or path) takes you. This is not only a full body work out but depending on the terrain you can get quite an adrenaline rush from this adventure sport. Between the terrain and elevation changes this sport is a great way to work out your body while enjoying 10 best adventure sports adventure sports mountain biking

2) Skydiving – Everybody who hasn’t jumped out of a perfectly good airplane wonders the same thing: what does it feel like to skydive? There are both physical and emotional answers to this question. It’s such an unfamiliar concept, falling through the air at 120+ mph. Most people who have jumped say things like “the feeling is indescribable” or “unlike anything else” when talking about the sensation of freefall. Not exactly helpful. So, how is a first-time skydiver to know what to expect? This is the ultimate thrill seeker sport. Visit our friends at Skydive Amelia Island for a real good time!best adventure sports adventure sports skydiving

1) Powered Hang Gliding – Ok, so we may a bit particle on this extreme sport. Have you ever dreamt of flying or wonder how it feels to be completely free? This amazing activity is sure to get your adrenaline rushing as you glide over the water or land. Be part of the 1% of people who get to experience the sights of the world through this amazing bird’s eye adventure sports adventure sports hanggliding

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