boating on amelia island florida

Boating on Amelia Island, Florida

Amelia Island is such a majestic place to visit, filled with sunshine and warm weather it is easy to see why so many tourist flock to the Island for a little rest and relaxation.

boating on amelia island florida

Scenic Amelia Island

While you are visiting Amelia Island, it is highly advisable you take full advantage of your ability for shipping or boating on Amelia Island. Whether you have a boat yourself or will need to book a session on any of the charters there is always open space for you to enjoy Fernandina Beach from the water.

Step aboard one of the many charters like the Amelia Island Charter for inshore family fishing and wildlife/nature tours around the island. Join Captain Terry Lacoss (who by the way has operated the Amelia Angler since 1978) on a wonderful sailing and sightseeing tour. Talk with Captain Lacoss and find out the best places to fish while in the Amelia Angler for a day of adventure. Captain Lacoss knows a thing or two about the area as well as fishing and the marine life on and around Amelia Island.

Even if fishing isn’t quite your thing, boating on Amelia Island will give you an entirely new perspective of the island because you will be gazing upon it from the rolling ocean. Take a pit stop at any one of the beautiful piers while on your boat tour. The George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park is a popular choice among tourists who boat on Amelia Island. The wildlife and beauty of the surroundings will leave you in awe.boating on amelia island florida

If you have your own vessel you can still enjoy all the freedom and beauty of boating on Amelia Island but at your own leisurely pace. Check with the local charters and water adventure companies to be sure you know the rules and regulations so that everyone can truly enjoy the beauty that Amelia Island has to offer.

Pier fishing on Amelia Island is almost as popular as boating on Amelia Island, and it seems the large trophy fish enjoy the many people who flock to the island. Remember when boating on Amelia Island some of the piers have what is called a reasonable honor box fee which helps to keep

boating-on-amelia-island-1the pier and everything running so everyone can enjoy it without having to pay high entrance fees and other costs. Almost if not all the piers offer some form of fishing area for those who wish to keep their feet on dry land while fishing…but truth be told the real award winning and adventure fishing begins and ends on a boat on Amelia Island.

If you are heading down to Amelia Island and want a memorable afternoon or looking for fun things to do, try taking a ship tour around. You can see the many wondrous sights that Amelia Island has to offer. Don’t forget to get a schedule of the fantastic and fun festivals that occur all around the island throughout the entire year.

Beautiful photos provided by Amelia Island Scenes.

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