sea turtles of amelia island florida

Sea Turtles of Amelia Island

Amelia Island has so many things to see, from the stunning beaches to the breathtaking landscape and even wonderful wildlife, like the sea turtles of Amelia Island.

Here are a few fun facts about sea turtles. When you book your vacation at any of the Fernandina Beach resorts, hotels, or bed and sea turtles of amelia islandbreakfasts you are sure to have a wonderful time.

Fun Sea Turtle Facts:

  • Sea turtles can live 40-60 year or more
  • Baby turtles are born with a natural instinct to move towards the brightest direction, which typically leads them to the horizon (or the sea).
  • Along the Florida coast alone sea turtles make anywhere from 20,000-84,000 nests annually.
  • Sea turtles can weigh between 75-100 pounds (Kemp’s Ridley species) or up to 1,300 pounds like the Leatherback!

Loggerhead Sea Turtles of Amelia Island

Now, are you ready to experience sea turtles first hand? Book your next vacation to Amelia Island where you can experience these wonderful creatures first hand. sea turtles of amelia island floridaThe sea turtles of Amelia Island nest between May and October. This is not necessarily set in stone as there have been some leatherbacks known to begin nesting in February. Try to book your vacation between May and October. You should have a pretty decent chance of seeing these majestic creatures in their natural environment nesting.

Booking your next vacation to Amelia Island can provide not only an extremely fun and relaxing time for the whole family. The Sea Turtles of Amelia Island you can also give the kids an educational experience. Take them on any one of the sea turtle tours such as the “Sea Turtle Excavation”

Helpful Tips to Keep You & The Amelia Island Sea Turtles Safe:

  • Watch from a distance – do not distract the nesting mama sea turtle and do not distract the hatchlings.
  • Keep all lights off – including flash photography, video equipment, and flashlights. Lights can be disorienting to the hatchlings as well as the nesting mothers.sea turtles of amelia island florida fernandina beach
  • Do not help the hatchlings – It can be heartbreaking to watch these little guys scurry alone towards the ocean. It may be with the best intentions you want to help, but please refrain from doing so.
  • If you come across a sea turtle nest leave it be, do not disturb it.
  • When visiting the beach remember the golden rule “carry on, carry off”. Whatever you bring onto the beach take back home with you, including all trash. This can help keep the sea turtles environment safe for them.

There is a facebook page in appreciation of the Loggerhead Sea Turtles on Amelia Island wildlife: Amelia Sea Turtle Watch, Inc. Thank you to Pam Bell Photography and Jensen Bell Photography for the use of photos.

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