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Fishing on Amelia Island

So, you’re looking to do some Fishing on Amelia Island, Florida.

You probably already know that recreational fishing is a huge business all around the country. In fact, if fishing were an actual corporation the amount of money spent by anglers would rank the activity at number 51 on the Fortune 500 list!fishing on amelia island pierand Wildlife Associated Recreation, there are more than 46 million licensed anglers who help to generate over $48 billion in retail sales. These sales have a hand in the $115 billion impact on the nation’s economy, it’s this figure that creates over 828,000 jobs for individuals. These are amazing figures and once you step foot on Fernandina Beach and cast your rod into the water, you will begin to see why so many visitors flock to Amelia Island annually to fish her waters.

Whether you are fishing on Amelia Island from the shore or have decided to take a charter boat (like those provided from Amelia Island Charter, AC Charters Inc., or The Anglers Mark) out into the open ocean to spend the day fishing, you will enjoy your time near the water with your rod floating effortlessly in the beautiful waters of Amelia Island.

fishing on amelia island anglers mark

Fishing at Amelia Island Charter

Some hot spots on Amelia Island include: A dock at Wolfe Park (also called Egan’s Creek Park) on Atlantic Avenue, North Beach Park, Amelia Island State Park, and Fort Clinch, where you can go to the back of the Fort, and you’ll find fellow anglers on the Amelia River banks. Another good spot is the beach in front of public access #8 on S. Fletcher Avenue across from Maryland Avenue.

As you kick back and relax waiting for the fish to bite you can think about which fish may be under the waves checking out your bait. There are so many beautiful and interesting fish under the waters at Amelia Island, such as Atlantic Spadefish, Atlantic Grouper, Bluefish, Black Sea Bass, Flounder, Red Snapper, Jack Crevalle and the Mullet, just to name a few, but trust us when we say there are many others.

fishing on amelia island atlantic spadefish

Atlantic Spadefish

Fish aren’t the only things you can catch when fishing on Amelia Island, the chances of catching sharks is very real as well. In fact, it is legal for you to catch one shark per person per day with no size limitations! There are just as many shark species to catch as fish, you can try your luck trying to catch a Black Tip, Hammer Head, Lemon Shark, or even Bonnet Head Sharks.

Beautiful scenery to gaze upon, crystal clear waters to enjoy, and stunning sandy beaches all draw visitors to these tourist attractions on Amelia Island annually for their travel needs and vacations. The spectacular fishing just helps keep them coming back for more. If you’ve never tried fishing Amelia Island, we highly recommend adding it to your tourism ideas or bucket list.

We would like to thank Terri Anderson Photography for the use of her beautiful photos for this blog.

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