Learn to Fly in Florida

learn to fly in florida

If you are wanting to learn to fly in Florida, you’ve come to the right place. Florida Adventure Sport provides flying lessons to anyone interested in flying. Our pilot is well trained and highly experienced with flying in our Airborne XT-912.

learn to fly in floridaThere is an experienced pilot (Gene) that gives a safety briefing before each flight then they take off from Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport on Amelia Island, Florida. Gene has over 5000 hours of flight time and been flying for over 30 years and is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Gene also posses a commercial, multi engine and instrument rating. Before Gene began working for Florida Adventure Sports he worked in Hawaii for over four years as a full time flight instructor flying powered hang gliders out of Kauai. Before that, he worked at Sebring, Florida as test and demo pilot for four years for Float Planes & Amphibs. Additionally, he sold aircraft parts for companies like Availl and Piedmont Aviation Supply, covering the Northeastern United States for 13 years. We feel Gene has the best qualifications to teach you how learn to fly in Florida and is well experienced at flight training.

The aircraft used is an Airborne XT-912, complete with position lights, collision avoidance lighting and it is even equipped with a ballistic parachute. It has a Rotex four stroke engine and an Arrow wing. This aircraft is by far is one the safest built today. If for some reason the engine would stop working (which is highly unlikely) you have no need to worry either because a safe landing spot is within gliding distance (remember you are in a glider). For additional safety, you will required to wear inflatable life vests and a helmet with built in noise reducing intercom and sun shade.

When you decide that you are eager to fly with our Florida flight training, you should know that you are in the best hands possible if you want to learn to fly in Florida. Florida Adventure Sports is locally owned and operated. Morning and evening flights are available, plus twilight flights. You will remain safe all while enjoying the spectacular views and adventurous powered hang gliding experience. If you want to fly as a private pilot, sport pilot, part 103 or just an intro flight, let Florida Adventure Sports be the aviation answer for you.

Learn to Fly in Florida

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