Florida is the best tourist attraction

Florida is the Best Tourist Attraction

Discover in this article why Florida is the best tourist attraction.

You always hear about older couples traveling down to Florida for the winter or families taking vacations to Florida but what is so great about this southern state that leads over 85 million people annually to visit it? Certainly it cannot simply be the weather, right? In order to understand why Florida is such a popular state to visit we must first learn a little about Florida to begin with. Florida is the best tourist attraction

Florida has been given the nickname the “Sunshine State” due to its relatively warm climate and many days of sunshine. Majority of those visitors are northern residents looking to get away from the chilly and cold weather and enjoy the warm and sunny weather, Florida has to offer. Over the years Florida has been fought over, wars waged and many different cultures, such as the Native Americans, British and even the Spanish have “owned” this peninsula.

It wasn’t until March 3, 1845 that Florida became a recognized state of the United States. Florida became state number 27 on that memorable day in March. So, now that you know a little history on the sunshine state why on earth is it such a popular tourist destination? Well, Florida (all parts of Florida) offers fun, adventure, romance (in some places), parties (for all those on Spring break) and thrills. Below is a top 10 list of why Florida is the best tourist attraction for travelers.

10 Reasons Why Florida is the Best Tourist Attraction

10. Visit, snorkel, scuba dive the coral reefs, right off the coast of Florida. Take in the sights of the local marine life in their natural habitat; the waters are so clear you can see for miles.

9. 633 total miles of beaches. For all those beach bums out there you are sure to find a perfect spot to relax on one of these beaches.

8. Florida is the best tourist attraction…by one word…Disneyworld. Walt Disney World can followed closely by Sea World, families love visiting these two places, children and adults alike can be “kids” all day and no one bats an eye.

7. No state income taxes (not sure how that would be beneficial to visitors but for residents it rocks just the same)

6. The everglades! Enjoy watching alligators and crocodiles live and interact in the same ecosystem, try taking an air boat tour of these stunning natural areas.

5. Depending on when you visit, Daytona 500 and Bike Week. If you like fast race cars or motorcycles these two events are ones you won’t want to miss.

4. One of the top places to surf on this side of the Earth, the waves are high, the water is beautiful, and conditions are just right to “snag the big one.”

3. No snow and very rarely is there even chilly weather, sunshine all the time.

2. Delicious food and exotic fruits.

1. Wildlife like parrots can be seen as you walk down the street in some areas.

These are 10 reasons why Florida is the best tourist attraction. So, no matter why you visit Florida there is no doubt it is a beautiful state and a place that will never leave you wondering what you should do next!

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