What is Light Sport Trike Flying?

Flying high in the sky with an Airborne XT-912 gives you a sense of freedom you may have never felt before

There are many different types of hang gliders out there on the market today, some are better than others and some just offer different options. We are going to look at the light sport trike flying aircraft such as the Airborne XT-912. The light sport trike has also been called a ultralight trike, flex-wing trike, a weight-shift-control aircraft, a microlight trike, delta trike and even a motorized delta plane. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, it still performs the same.light sport trike flying

The light sport trike is a powered hang glider that uses a high performance Rogallo wing along with a propeller powered three wheeled body, hence why it is named a trike. The trikes have been very popular among the British since the early 1980’s; they have just recently made their appearance here in the Unites States. The wing of hang glider was first invented by a man named Francis Rogallo in the 1940’s. As you can see the Ultra Trikes have been being perfected for many years, so it’s easy to see how they are one of the safest aircrafts out there.

The Airborne XT-912 which is the aircraft that Florida Adventure Sports uses for all our hang gliding adventures. It is one of the safest models out on the market today. The aircraft features a ballistic parachute. The Airborne XT-912 also is equipped with position lights as well as collision avoidance lighting. This aircraft is said to never stall, which can be a relief for first time flyers. If for some reason this aircraft’s engine should stop working or run out of gas, the pilot can safely glide you to a landing from any point on your excursion.

light sport trike flying

Airborne XT-912

When the engine roars to life your heart begins to beat faster in anticipation, you hear the roar of the engines and wait patiently for your skilled pilot to give you the green light that you are taking off, and then it’s all history after that moment when the landing gears leave the ground. You are free and flying above all that you have known from the ground you will now get to know from the aerial point of view. The breathtaking sites, the wind blowing through your hair, the absolute and amazing oneness you have with the sky.

The special light sport trike give the more freedom to fly where you want, with the motorized engine you are not limited to take off slopes and you can fly longer because you are not dependent upon the air currents. If you are looking for more time soaring in the air being free as a bird, then the special light sport trike would be the best option for your next hang gliding adventure.

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