best reasons to visit amelia island florida

Best Reasons to Visit Amelia Island Florida

If you’re looking for some awesome reasons to visit the stunning and scenic Amelia Island


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Amelia Island, a beautiful island located in Nassau County, Florida. The island is about 13 miles long and 4 miles wide at its widest point. A quaint and beautiful spot that tourists flock to every year to bask in its beauty.

Although this island is frequently visited many may not know the history of it, the island was named in honor of Princess Amelia, the daughter of George the second of Great Britain. The island has changed “hands” many times over the years but now is part of Florida and a well-loved spot to vacation or at least visit while on vacation. There are so many reasons to visit Amelia Island which you will find listed below.

Best reasons to visit Amelia Island

Amelia Island has so many places to visit and sights to see, the island boasts seven exquisite golf courses for those golfing enthusiasts out there. Amelia Island also is home to many stunning beaches that just beg for a beach chair and some sand castle building fun. In fact, the island has 13 miles of beautiful beaches that are framed by nature and no worry about trying to find a spot since the beaches are never crowded. Surf the waves or take a relaxing paddleboarding adventure through the ocean, which are perfect reasons to visit Amelia Island.

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When you are finished on the beach you can fill your stomach with delicious foods meant to tempt your taste buds at any of the more than 70 restaurants that can be found on the island. There are dishes for everyone’s tastes, enjoy fresh, local seafood or enjoy international dishes prepared just like they would be back home. There are many different types of festivals that occur throughout the year on the island as well. Guaranteeing a fun time for all those who visit. Festivals such as the Shrimp festival and even music and art festivals. Check the calendar to see which festivals are happening when you are visiting which give fantastic reasons to visit Amelia Island.

If you really want to experience this fantastic island in a whole new “light” might we suggest taking a powered hang gliding flight over the island, enjoying the 13 miles of island beauty. Gaze down over the luscious landscape as you fly up to 2000 feet above it. Nothing is quite as exciting as flying over the splendor that is Amelia Island.

No matter what you decide to spend your time doing while on Amelia Island the one thing that is for certain, you will have the most memorable and enjoyable time. Even more reasons to visit Amelia Island is the warm weather and great company. You simply can’t help but to enjoy yourself. So, book your vacation to Amelia Island today and start relaxing and enjoying your vacation tomorrow.

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