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Experience the thill of kayaking through Kayak Amelia

There are so many ways to get outdoors and explore the wilderness, you can hang glide, hike, bike, but the one of the best way to experience nature is through kayaking. This sport takes the pleasure of floating in a kayak and the enjoyment of seeing the sights to a whole new level. It’s an exciting way to explore Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, Florida.

kayak amelia island florida

Kayak yoga and meditation paddle

Not only is kayaking fun but it is also eco-friendly and great exercise because you are the “motor. You can travel as quick or as slow paced as you desire when kayaking so you can be sure you won’t miss a single sight on your adventure.

Kayak down the river, enjoying all the beauty of your surroundings. The most remarkable thing about kayaking is when you see something you want to explore more in detail. You can just pull your kayak on the shore and go investigate until your heart is content. One of the best things about kayaking, it is suited for most everyone.

Kayak Amelia offers some pretty awesome tours you can take with all those in your vacation party. Never been kayaking before? Not to worry each tour begins with a short introduction and an on land instruction course to get you prepared and ready to enjoy your adventure.

Kayak Amelia offers so many wonderful choices it might be a difficult decision to make. You can enjoy either a three hour guided tour or a half day kayak rental and spend some time outdoor exploring and seeing all the beauty the area has to offer. Prices vary depending on the tour you select so get in touch with the folks at Kayak Amelia today to book your vacation kayaking adventure.

kayak amelia island florida

Segway eco tours

Not only does Kayak Amelia do kayaking, they also do Segway eco tours and standup paddleboarding. They also rent kayaks and paddleboards too. Additionally, kayak yoga and meditation paddle are offered.

Now, the major question is which tour will you take? The Marsh Tour, Kingsley Plantation Tour, Barhopping Tour (Sand bars that is) or one of the specialty tours, like the Firefly Tour, Sunset Tour, or Moonlight Tour? No matter which tour you decide on you are sure to have a memorable time with those attending.

Just a quick note to mark down, when you are preparing for your kayak adventure wear clothing and foot wear that will be able to get wet, because anytime you kayak you have a risk of getting wet, it’s just part of the game. So, get ready, put on that water appropriate attire and go outdoors and see the beauty of nature in a brand new way.

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For more information on Kayak Amelia, please visit their website at www.kayakamelia.com or call (904)251-0016.

kayak amelia island florida

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