little talbot island florida

Little Talbot Island, Florida

There’s a lot more to Little Talbot Island than you would think.

It’s no secret that Florida has a ton of activities to do while you visit, no matter which part of Florida you are traveling to, but what is a little forgotten secret is the amazing natural beauty of the sunshine state. Take for example, Little Talbot Island, besides the stunning white sandy beaches there are lush forests, breathtaking birds, and a whole host of wildlife just waiting to be found.

A Little Bit About Little Talbot Island

Have you ever thought about ditching the hotel on your next family vacation and instead taking up a camper or even a tent. Pop your tent in the beautiful Little Talbot Island State Palittle talbot island floridark and be right smack dab in the middle of some lovely natural beauty, and don’t worry you can still enjoy the beach thanks to the five plus miles of white sandy beaches located here.

This Island…Little Talbot Island is one of the few areas of barrier islands in Northeast Florida, which remain undeveloped. The Island offers a wide variety of scenes such as the maritime forests, desert-like dunes, white sandy beaches, and even salt marshes. Thanks to these diverse habitats found here you get to experience a wide variety of local wildlife, such as river otters, marsh rabbits, bobcats, birds, and so much more.

While on Little Talbot Island be sure to enjoy everything there is to enjoy like fishing for those big bass, redfish, fllittle talbot island floridaounder ,or mullet just to name a few. There is also hiking, kayaking, powered hang gliding, beach combing, and even surfing. So many fun activities to do there is no chance you would ever get bored during your visit here. If you are one of the more adventurous groups who are taking a tent and camping out with nature, we are sure you will love it. Just picture for a moment, you waking up each morning to the sounds of the migratory birds, the smell of the ocean on the warm breeze blowing through your campsite and getting to eat your meals picnic style in the great outdoors.

Now, the one thing left to decide on is which park you will stay at because there are actually seven different parks that are located on Litlittle talbot island floridatle Talbot Island and actually collectively comprise the Talbot Island State Park which covers an entire 2,500 acre island. So, do a little research and see which of these seven beautiful parks would best suit your needs and wants for your next family vacation to Little Talbot Island.

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