top 10 best Florida beach packing tips and must haves

Florida Beach Packing Tips

Looking for some awesome Florida beach packing tips? Check out our article below for your check list!

Welcome to Florida! You are now on vacation time, you know that time where time really is not important and the sun does more time telling than your watch. After checking into your hotel or other accommodations you probably want to hit the beach and sunbathe a bit after your long trip. To help, we list the top Florida beach packing tips and a few must haves for your beach bag.

Top 10 Best Florida Beach Packing Tips

  • Sunscreen – Starting our list of the Florida beach packing tips is sunscreen. This obviously has to be the top of the must have list. Florida is filled with sunshine and warm weather and we all know sun burns can ruin a vacation, especially if they occur on the first day or so. The sun’s rays are hottest during 10am and 3pm, in case you want to skip sitting on the beach during those “peak” times, if not we recommend at least a sunscreen of 15 SPF but the higher the Florida beach packing tips
  • SPF Lip Balm – Lip balm isn’t just for winter time, it can help protect your sensitive lips from being sunburned as well and this item should be as important as your sunscreen for your beach bag essentials.
  • Cover-Ups – and we don’t mean just bathing suit wraps, we are talking about wide brimmed hats, sunglasses, protective clothing, and even a beach umbrella. This way if you feel you are getting too much sun you can take a break and cover up for a bit thus avoiding the need to leave the beach entirely.
  • Books – Take something to read. Lets face it, you need something to help pass the time as you relax in the sun. A Kindle Reader is a fantastic way to take along as many books and magazines as you can possibly read without the weight or bulk of paper bound issues.
  • Beach Towels – Don’t forget the towels, when you get out of the ocean you may want to dry off a bit, or dust the sand off your feet before putting on your sandals. Beach towels are also part of our much have list because they can double as a cover up should you need protection from the sun.
  • Sandals or Flip Flops – A pair of “easy to slip on and off” shoes like flip flops, sandals or crocs are an absolute must. Something you don’t mind getting wet or that are easy to kick off during beach walks.
  • Sand & Water Toys & Beach Chairs – The necessities if you have children, keep the little ones busy building sand castles with the beach toys while you kick back and relax in your beach chairs watching them Florida beach packing tips
  • Drinks & Snacks – it’s important to stay hydrated first and foremost especially if spending time under the sun. Bring a cooler and a bag for cold drinks and snacks for everyone while enjoying the beach.
  • Cameras & Cell Phones – this can be touchy, the sand can and will cause major damage to your cameras and cell phones but with the proper care you can bring both of these with you to the beach without any problem. They sell waterproof and sand proof bags now for cameras and phones, or you can always keep them in a plastic baggie until you are ready to use them.
  • Bathroom Break – Closing out our list of the best Florida beach packing tips is a definite necessity. This may seem out of place on a must have beach bag essential list but let me tell you how many times I have gone to the beach and no sooner sat down and had to go to the bathroom. This can be frustrating especially if you had to walk any distance to the beach or even drive there. While some beaches offer port-o-johns not all will, so go prepared.

Hopefully this list of the Florida beach packing tips will help you when vacationing in the Sunshine State!

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