amelia island wildlife florida

Amelia Island Wildlife

Amelia Island wildlife can be very diverse, from land to water you will discover a wide variety of animals on the island

You can experience wildlife pretty much anywhere you travel; the main difference is just going to be the types of wildlife you get to experience. There are many places in the world that advertise wonderful chances to see wildlife as part of your vacation experience. Amelia Island is not that much different. Amelia Island has many different types of wildlife both on land and in the ocean and all of these majestic creatures are waiting for you to experience them for yourself.

amelia island wildlife florida

Sea Turtle; Courtesy Pam Bell Photography

Amelia Island wildlife also has a wide range of snakes both venomous and non, so as you hike along the nature trail keep a look out at your feet because of all the snake varieties out there the six venomous ones located here are not ones you want to run into and they feel the same way about humans.

Be aware that you may see signs warning about alligators and other dangerous wildlife. Egan’s Creek Greenway is abundant with wildlife and is part of the Florida birding trail. Alligators, turtles, egrets, deer, herons and even bobcats have been spotted on the Greenway.

On the water, you can spot dolphins playing on regular occasion in the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes, sharks are also spotted, creating a hazard for anyone swimming in the nearby waters.

amelia island wildlife water

Shark; Courtesy Jensen Bell Photography

What trip to an island would be complete without experiencing the beauty of sea turtles, and Amelia Island has no shortage of sea turtles. In fact there are many programs that center on these graceful and slow paced creatures, like the turtle release and even the conservancy. Visitors need to know that when they see yellow taped stakes on the beach they indicate sea turtle nests and must be left alone.

Birds, birds everywhere. There are so many different species of birds that can be seen on or around Amelia Island. Enjoy looking for birds like the Tufted Titmouse, Dark-eyed Junco, and the House Finch just to name a few. Keep your eyes to the sky and your ears towards the trees and experience the beauty of these birds both visually and audibly.

amelia island wildlife florida

Peacock; Courtesy Pam Bell Photography

Recently making the news was that a flock of peacocks that made their street home for decades were removed by a trapper. The good news is, the drive to bring the peafowls home, was successful. They are now a part of every day life on the island. Pam Bell wrote an informative blog on this event, that is surely worth reading.

Amelia Island Wildlife Tours

If you are not sure where to go to experience Amelia Island wildlife, you can take any one of the many tours offered, have your choice between a snorkeling, sailing, boating, hiking, kayaking, or hang gliding tour just to name a few. You are sure to have a wonderful time and experience some pretty fantastic wildlife on Fernandina Beach, Florida. When you go exploring and searching for Amelia Island wildlife be sure to bring your camera so you can capture the fun you and your party have.

For those who want a little less “freedom” when trying to experience Amelia Island wildlife, there are a variety of different aviaries, zoos and aquariums. You can visit these places for a more structured enjoyment of the animals. No matter what your preference is for viewing these wonderful creatures getting to see animals in their habitat is always a joy and experience.

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