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The Dolphins Of Amelia Island

The dolphins of Amelia Island can be a beautiful experience to see. It’s fascinating  to watch them swim and play!

Dolphins are majestic, graceful, social marine mammals and are one of the most sought after animals while tourists are on vacations at the beach. People love to watch dolphins gliding through the waves of the ocean, carefree and graceful; wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to see them up close, closer than just from the beach? How would you like to be right beside them in the water in a kayak? Let this article guide you to find all you need to know about the dolphins of Amelia Island, Florida.

The Dolphins Of Amelia Island: Touring

When you visit Amelia Island be sure to check into the many dolphin tour businesses there are around. You can take tours on kayaks, scuba diving, or even boat tours all of which bring you as close to the dolphins of Amelia Island as you can get and still allowing them to be free in their natural habitats. Businesses such as Charter Captain Benny Hendrix & The Heavy Hitter Charter, EcoMotion Tours, Amelia River Cruises and On The Water Adventures all offer amazing experiences at affordable prices. Kayaking tours such as Amelia Island Kayak Excursions, Bike-Scoot-Or-Yak or Kayak Amelia also offers a close up experience.the dolphins of amelia island florida tourism

Take Florida Adventure Sports for example, we offer powered hang gliding adventures over the waters of Amelia Island. It gives you a wonderful aerial view of not only the dolphins but all the other marine life that may be around. Fly through the air as a bird taking in the vast beauty that is freedom. Be sure to enjoy this special view point from the air. Not many people get to experience while dolphin watching and you are to be sure to remember it for a long time to come.

Maybe being in the sky isn’t your cup of tea, you can always watch as the dolphins of Amelia Island glide through the water beside your kayak. Gently place your hand on the water who knows, maybe one will brush against you with their smooth rubbery feeling skin.the dolphins of amelia island florida tourism

If you prefer a more secure tour than maybe a bigger charter boat would be your speed. You can watch the dolphins from the deck of the charter without having to get too close to the water itself. No matter how you want to see the dolphins there is a tour for you. Bring your camera and capture the moments of the tour for you to look back on and remember for future generations. No matter which tour you decide on you are sure to have an enjoyable time, there is just something about dolphin watching that is calming, soothing, and relaxing so book your tour today and see what all the fuss is about.

There is even a tourism facebook page dedicated to the the dolphins of Amelia Island. The Amelia Island Dolphin Society is dedicated to learn about the dolphin population on and around Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, Florida. You are invited to check out their first hand location photos of the dolphins of Amelia Island.

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