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Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport

The Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport (KFHB) is located at 700 Airport Road, in Fernandina Beach, Florida is about 850 acres and is open all year round, twenty four hours a day!

When you book your trip to Amelia Island, Florida the chances are you will arrive on the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport if you are flying in to the island. The airport is located centrally to the historic downtown district of Fernandinafernandina beach municipal airport florida amelia island Beach and the beaches, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other resort accommodations. The location of the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport makes it really easy to get from the airport to your hotel without having to jump through hoops so to speak.

The three paved runways give plenty of space for the 75 based aircraft here to come and go as they bring guests and take them back again. In fact, as of June 30, 2000 the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport had 47,000 aircraft operations, which averages out to about 128 each day. A busy little airport indeed. Another fun fact about this airport…the airport was developed by the United States Navy during the World War II to serve as Outlying Field Fernandina Beach to the Naval Air Station Jacksonville complex, according to an internet site. Then in 1946 it was transferred to the city of Fernandina Beach and was then designed to be used as a reliever airport for airlines at the Jacksonville International Airport.

fernandina beach municipal airport florida amelia islandUnlike traditional airports though, because this is the only one on the island they have the ability to set up different activities for you. When you are vacationing on Amelia Island and you want to do some adventurous activities, such as skydiving, or powered hang gliding, take a stop by the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport. it is also home to “our” Florida Adventure Sports. If you have your adventurer hat on this is the place to visit. If you have your own aircraft that you want to fly in with and house here for a while you can do that too thanks to the hangar rentals. The airport is an all-around wonderful thing to see and visit, and when you arrive on the island at this airport you are bound to feel welcomed all around.

Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport (KFHB)

700 Airport Rd, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
(904) 277-7300

Here is a video of Florida Adventure Sports taking off at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport:

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